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We partner with our clients to gain a detailed understanding of all their recruitment challenges, enabling us to deliver creative and personalised solutions that optimise the quality of hires, minimise time to hire and ensure we always help them find and retain the best talent.

Working in partnership with you to deliver cost effective recruitment solutions

At Exemplia Group, we understand the challenges of recruiting the right people at the right level for the right price. We can provide bespoke recruiting solutions to meet every need and budget. We offer a full suite of recruitment services through a number of businesses, each of which specialise in their own market. So whether you need to recruit high volume call centre staff through a fully optimised advertising campaign, C-Suite roles through the highest quality Executive Search, or anything in between, we can deliver the optimum recruitment strategy.​

Our  businesses complement each other and work in harmony to ensure you fill every role in the most cost effective way.  Our clients are saving substantial amounts of money because if our recommended method doesn’t deliver suitable results then we will even deduct the amount already paid from the next service level up, ​so that you’re not out of pocket on a service that has not delivered the quality results you were hoping for.  

Whatever level you are looking to recruit, we strive to optimise your costs and maximise the quality of your key hires ensuring we find you the best talent for roles across the board. ​


The partnerships we create with our clients ensure we deliver tailored, optimum solutions that maximise the quality of your hires and minimise your time to hire.

Understand your goals and expectations

Exceeding customer expectations

Deliver the best fitting solutions

Partnering you with leading talent

Our Senior Client Services Team

Alison Ryan

Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

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Alison Ryan has enjoyed over 15 years in the recruitment and headhunting industry, and co-founded Executive Headhunters in 2006. She is a Member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and gained the Professional Certificate of Management from the Institute of Personnel & Development in 2003. Her 15 years’ experience in the recruitment and headhunting market has enabled her to gain a thorough understanding of a vast range of market sectors as well as successfully delivering new business across all business sizes including the FTSE 100.
Chris Sharp

Co-Founder and Chief Operating And Strategy Officer

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Chris Sharp is a highly experienced consultant, and has a 15-year track record of success in senior business roles within the BPO Industry with specialisms in the Learning, Talent and Human Capital sectors. From 2005 to 2014, Chris led Capita Learning Services on an exceptional growth curve, driving revenue from under £6m to over £200m and increasing headcount from under 80 to over 1000 FTE.
Victoria Baker

Head of Client Solutions

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Victoria Baker has worked in the recruitment industry for over five years, always operating within the headhunting and executive search markets. Her key strength is building relationships with her clients in order to recruit talented professionals into their organisation. Working closely with clients across the UK and Europe, she acquires an in-depth understanding of her client’s business operations, ensuring she gains a thorough knowledge of their requirements. She provides significant consultancy and advice to her clients as part of every assignment.

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