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7 Reasons Why Recruitment is

a Great Career for Graduates

With so many options to choose from, it isn’t always straightforward making crucial career decisions after graduation. This is particularly the case if your degree doesn’t guide you into a specific profession, such as law, accounting or medicine.

If you’ve got academic ability, interpersonal skills, and a competitive edge, there will be many employers looking to hire you. So whilst it can be a case of simply establishing where your main attributes lie, and what you’d like to do, this can be much easier said than done.

According to the latest FT survey, competition is fierce, opportunities are scarce and earning and growth potential can be low in the job market. However, starting a career within the recruitment industry can provide the perfect opportunity to learn and develop a fantastic array of skills and business attributes.

Recruitment agencies work with companies to find appropriate people for their roles, and work with candidates to find their desired role. They are paid by the employer once they have successfully found a suitable candidate for their organisation.

As a recruitment consultant you’ll need to be able to build and maintain good working relationships, have excellent communication skills and be confident in a customer-facing role.

Why choose a career in Recruitment?

Here are some of the reasons as to why recruitment is a great career choice for graduates.

1. Learn and gain invaluable business skills

Choosing a career in recruitment will help you gain and enhance a whole host of skills. You’ll have the opportunity to gain experience in a broad range of business skills, including negotiation, sales, marketing relationship building and account management.

2. Every day is different!

In recruiting, no two days are the same. One day you may be running interview sessions or writing a job advert, and the next day you’re giving advice on negotiating pay rises. 

Most of your time will be spent interacting with people and every person is different with contrasting backgrounds and experiences. This makes the role exciting and full of surprises on a daily basis!

3. Make a real difference

There is the opportunity to make a real difference as you will constantly be bringing people together to change their lives. You will have a real impact on someone’s life by being instrumental in their career progression whilst at the same time making a business more successful by matching candidates with the right employers.

If you get a real sense of pride from helping people and get a buzz from people showing their appreciation for your efforts, then a career in recruitment could definitely be for you.

4. Perks and Benefits

Many recruitment organisations offer a variety of additional benefits to their employees, including pension contributions, private healthcare, reward schemes, gym memberships, car allowances and childcare support.

5. Uncapped earning potential

Recruitment salaries can vary significantly depending on the role and city, but they are usually composed of a basic salary as well as a commission or bonus scheme on top which is linked to performance. The top performing recruiters earn very high salaries and bonuses, often reaching more than six figures. There are many recruiters that regularly earn more than solicitors, GPs and politicians.  

Whilst some recruitment companies impose a cap on earnings, at Exemplia Group we don’t, so , you can really reap the rewards from your own success.

6. Fun and social environment

Recruitment businesses tend to be young, fun environments with a strong focus on working hard but also playing hard too! There are usually frequent team incentives and team building activities which can include all expenses paid night outs, sports events and even overseas trips.

7. Progression opportunities

Hard workers can easily progress and climb their way up the top of the HR and recruitment industry ladder. Performance is very easily assessed and therefore, if you prove you can deliver quality results, you will be rewarded accordingly. Unlike many other industries, your age, degree or years of experience are not key factors when it comes to obtaining a promotion.

What type of qualities make for a good recruiter?

So what kind of character do you need to be in order to become a successful recruiter?  Every person is different but some of the main qualities that every great recruiter possesses include:

  • Resilience – an ability to bounce back quickly after a setback. If a prospective candidate or client says no, you can’t get too downhearted and just need to move straight on to the next one.
  • Enthusiasm – a constant upbeat attitude and positive outlook even if you’re not always feeling on top form.
  • An outgoing personality – being a people person is critical with a strong ability to listen and converse in equal measure.
  • Multi-tasking capability – recruiters will often be working on a number of tasks at the same time, so you need to be able to manage the different stages of multiple projects alongside each other.
  • Hardworking and driven – always being prepared to go the extra mile. The more effort you put in the greater rewards you will gain.


A career in the recruitment industry can be a great way to develop a fantastic range of skills that will benefit you in the future. It’s also got great earning potential and every day is different. So if you’re a real people person, enthusiastic and ambitious, then recruitment could be the perfect career for you!

If you’re interested in joining the team and starting your career in recruitment, visit our careers website.

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