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Partner Spotlight

Pennine Business Partners

Our latest partner spotlight is with Pennine Business Partners, who provide outsourced HR services including training, development and strategic support to SME’s across the North of England.

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It has been said that the best repeat business, recommendations and referrals arrive by word-of-mouth. We agree. In the last 12 months, introductions like these made up more than 75% of our business. This affirmation of the service we provide – its quality and its benefits for our clients – has been the catalyst for a significant development in our professional relationships.

By becoming one of our select Brand Ambassadors, you can be confident in having an ability to offer a top quality, professional range of recruitment solutions at discounted rates to your clients. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with a referral fee enabling you to grow your income by simply recommending us to your clients.

For us, a Brand Ambassador is a professional Consultant, Board Advisor or Non-Executive Director who finds a synergy with our full range of human capital solutions and is happy to recommend us to their clients.

As a professional advisor to your clients, you have exclusive, privileged insights to the nuances of their business operations. And with a recent CIPD Labour Market Outlook survey highlighting 71% of employers have at least some vacancies that are proving hard-to-fill (up from 64% a year ago), you are fully aware of the human capital challenges they face across their business.

Partnering with us provides a great opportunity for us both to benefit from new revenue streams and grow organically without needing to invest in huge marketing budgets. We supply all of the marketing collateral you require to promote our discounted services to your members. 

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