Talent Pipelining


What is Talent Pipelining?

We understand that your current employees are the backbone of your business. No matter how good your products, services and systems are, your people will dictate how successfully you grow your business.

Talent Pipelining helps you strengthen that backbone, and allows you to plan the growth of your business as a result of having the strongest performers within the business. It allows you to build a pipeline of high calibre individuals to meet your current and future needs enabling the successful delivery of short, medium and long term business objectives.

Furthermore, Talent Pipelining can play a crucial role in succession planning for those business critical positions that would put the success of your business at risk if the person currently employed were to suddenly leave. Perhaps you’re a small family business that are looking for an exit strategy or incorporating external talent to enable the business to grow.

By conducting a thorough Talent Pipelining process, we can help ensure success for your business and its future.

How does it work?

We follow a transparent, detailed and methodical approach as outlined in our 5 step process.

How much does it cost?

We charge a day rate of £500 for our Talent Pipelining, although we can agree a fixed fee upfront if you prefer. We will always provide a clear breakdown of the projected costs based on the activities we undertake once we’ve had the initial discussion of the brief.

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