Our White Papers

We’ve produced a number of White Papers across our businesses on key topics aimed at helping our clients address the strategic challenges they face.

Employer Value Propositions

Do you know what your EVP is?

In such a competitive employment market, having a strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP) can make a significant difference in attracting the top talent in your industry.

This White Paper will help you understand what an EVP is, it’s importance and the main elements it should consist of.

Education Sector

Does Your Recruitment Strategy Make The Grade?

An increasingly drastic shortage of teachers, rising pupil numbers and extremely stretched budgets are just some of the reasons why the Education Sector is facing significant challenges.

This comprehensive White Paper provides a detailed examination of the recruitment strategies that can be adopted to help attract and retain the best people in the most cost efficient way.

Early Year Sector

Recruitment Crisis? Early Year Sector Challenges Explored

With one of the lowest unemployment rates since records began, it comes as no surprise that a number of industries are struggling to recruit enough quality staff to sustain and grow their market.

The Early Years sector is no different and this white paper highlights a number of the challenges facing the sector.

Payment Sector

Digital Disruption – How to Stay Ahead of the People Game

The UK payments industry has been characterised by extensive change and a relentless pace of technological development in the last few years.

In such a fast moving industry, it’s critical to stay ahead of the game by ensuring the right people are employed in the right roles within a business. This White Paper from Executive Headhunters, helps identify the key ways to acquire and retain the best people.

Care Sector

Is Care in Crisis? Understanding the Social Care Sector Challenges

The Care Sector is facing an unprecedented funding crisis which is being compounded by a significant number of recruitment challenges.

Our business, Hiring Wizard, have a number of clients in the Care Sector enabling us to have an in-depth understanding of the significant recruitment and funding challenges faced by many of them. This White Paper explores those challenges and identifies some solutions to overcome them.

Logistics Sector

A Logistical Nightmare? An Exploration of the Challenges currently faced by the Logistics Sector

As one of the UK’s most important sectors, the logistics industry faces a number of significant challenges over the next few years which are already starting to impact the growth of the sector.

This White Paper from Hiring Wizard, highlights how the impact of technology and the recruitment challenges faced by the sector can be addressed to ensure logistics businesses continue to grow.

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