About us

Built by and for our people.

We practice what we preach. Just like you, we want the best talent in our business, and we’ve found them. With their help, we’re able to find the right people for the clients we partner with.

Our History

Exemplia Group was formed in 2014 as a way to bring all of our recruitment offerings under one umbrella and provide a superior and consolidated service to our clients.

Our Vision

We work hard to be a leading provider of world-class recruitment solutions. We source best-in-class talent through bespoke offerings that deliver optimum value.

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Our Commitment to EDI.

We have exacting standards for our people and processes when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion.

We strive to use proven tools and techniques to deliver a diverse and appropriate list of candidates for every role we recruit for to support your own diversity and inclusion goals. All our teams undertake both annual mandatory training and regular internal development sessions to help them understand the risk of bias and support equality, diversity and inclusion for ourselves and our clients.

Featured Clients

Recruitment Partners

All the tools, technology, and resources you need to scale quickly. We work with you to optimise every £ of your recruitment spend.

Recruitment Projects

The ability to deliver high-volume or ad-hoc recruitment projects in a short space of time. Also suitable for efficiently filling seasonal or graduate requirements.

Permanent Recruitment

In-depth searches that return market-leading talent. An effective and confidential way to transform and grow your business.

Candidate Attraction

A range of fixed-fee recruitment services that help you attract top talent without the need for large budgets and long turnaround times.

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