Our Commitment to EDI

Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

We know the importance of adhering to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) principles and are fully committed to delivering an equal society and mission to improve people’s lives by promoting equality and combatting discrimination.  At Exemplia, we don’t only talk the talk, we walk the walk, as we fully understand how much value a diverse workforce adds to every organisation – a great example being our dedicated Menopause Friendly Candidate Attraction package.

We are committed to supporting the principle of equal opportunities and oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of any Protected Characteristic (PC) including sex; race (including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin); religion or belief; age; disability; marital status and civil partnership; sexual orientation; gender reassignment; pregnancy and maternity.

This policy covers any advertising, identification, approaches, screening and selection to arrive at the shortlist, and is compliant with the following legislation:

  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  • The Local Government Act 1988 and 1999
  • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Act (SENDA) 2001.
  • Racial & Religious Hatred Act 2006.
  • The Work & Families Act 2006.
  • Equality Act 2010.

We believe our rigorously structured recruitment methodologies help ensure greater equality, diversity, and inclusion at every stage of the recruitment process.

We use a variety of proven tools and techniques to deliver the most diverse list of candidates available for any role we’re recruiting for. This includes objectively matching candidate profiles to roles through behavioural and cultural profiling, as well as applying blind screening of CVs when compiling short lists.

We also track and report MI at every stage of the process, which includes a detailed breakdown of applicants by gender, race, and other relevant EDI statistics, so you can have complete confidence that our process is fully compliant with EDI principles.

In addition, internally as an organisation, we also place a significant amount of focus on the importance of diversity. Upon starting employment, every employee undergoes comprehensive training on EDI principles as well as undertaking a number of Harvard Implicit Project tests to help them identify their own unconscious bias risks. We also ensure every employee undergoes training to avoid the use of unbiased language in all adverts and interview questions. 

40% of our senior leadership team are female and 15% of our staff come from BAME backgrounds.