HR support model for Healthcare Business

1. Discovery Call

Our existing client within the healthcare sector had an urgent need to recruit over 100 people within a 3 month period to staff a new outbound call centre.

Although our client had an existing HR team, it was relatively small and would have been unable to cope with such volumes and therefore asked for our support to deliver the large scale recruitment project.

Having successfully partnered with them for a number of years, we already had a very good understanding of the business, so the initial discovery call focused on 2 key things:

  • The resources required to deliver such big volumes
  • The most cost effective way to deliver the best quality candidates within the timescales

2. Bespoke Solution

Rather than looking at a cost per hire model, it made much more sense to second 2 of our employees full time to the project on a fixed cost basis to supplement the client’s existing HR team.

Splitting their time between the client’s head office and our offices, our employees became an extension of the client’s HR team for the 3 month period with their focus solely on filling this clients’ roles.

We recruited the outbound agents mainly using a targeted local advertising campaign with every candidate interviewed by us, as well as undergoing numerical and verbal reasoning screening.  For the management roles we supplemented the advertising with some targeted headhunting calls to individuals within competitive businesses.

We also helped with the onboarding process for the new employees, ensuring this ran smoothly for all the candidates recruited.

3. Outcome

We successfully recruited 107 roles for our client within the 3 month initial timescale. The quality of the candidates was extremely strong due to the targeted advertising (and calling where relevant), meaning a number of candidates were appointed at the same time from the same advert.

By seconding our 2 employees as an additional arm of the client’s HR team, they could focus 100% on recruiting for this project. This enabled the HR team to continue dealing with their day to day roles as well as ensuring a streamlined and time efficient recruitment process occurred in parallel.


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